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At Carolina Plastic Surgery, we provide skin and laser services for a wide range of skin types, and our hair removal treatments with the Vectus laser are no different. Utilizing leading-edge diode technology, the Vectus provides high-volume hair reduction for several different skin types and tones without compromising patient safety or comfort.

What is the Vectus Laser?

There are many systems that claim to be the best at removing unwanted body hair, but only the Vectus can target large areas such as the back in as little as five minutes. The Vectus can also effectively treat other areas, such as the:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Bikini areas

In some instances, multiple areas may be able to be treated in a single session, which can be discussed with Dr. Saini during your consultation.

The Procedure

This advanced system stands out from other hair removal lasers for multiple reasons:

  • Contact Cooling maintains patient comfort by protecting the skin surface throughout treatment
  • Photon Recycling coagulates active hair follicles thoroughly using a uniform beam, eliminating the need for multiple passes of the laser and reducing treatment time
  • Skintel Melanin Reader is the only melanin reader approved by the FDA for safer hair removal that can be personalized to the patient’s own specifications.

Once the controlled laser energy is pulsed beneath the skin, it converts to heat and destroys hair follicles that are in the active stage of growth. As hair grows in three phases, multiple sessions may be necessary for total clearance.

Side Effects?

During your consultation, Dr. Saini will let you know what you can expect, how you can prepare, and how many sessions you may need.

The Skintel Melanin Reader ensures that the proper wavelength will be used during your treatment, allowing a fast return to normal activities with no downtime. Slight flushing may develop for a day or so on treated areas and the hair will gradually fall out, leaving silky smooth skin that lasts.

To find out if you are a candidate for the Vectus laser for permanent hair reduction, contact Carolina Plastic Surgery today and schedule a consultation.


  • $200.00 Face
  • $50.00 Lip (upper)
  • $50.00 Chin
  • $90.00 Lip and Chin
  • $175.00 Full Beard
  • $50.00 Ears
  • $50.00 Eyebrow
  • $100.00 Sideburns
  • $120.00 Back of Neck
  • $200.00 Bikini (Brazilian)
  • $150.00 Bikini Line
  • $300.00 Full Chest
  • $400.00 Back
  • $150.00 Underarms
  • $200.00 Forearms
  • $250.00 Entire arms
  • $200.00 Upper or Lower Legs
  • $300.00 Entire Legs
  • $75.00 Toes

Multiple treatments are often necessary for optimal results.