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Men and women looking for non-surgical skin rejuvenation without extensive downtime may be candidates for SmartSkin laser treatments at Carolina Plastic Surgery. Dr. Saira Saini utilizes this advanced system to treat a wide range of skin imperfections with minimal downtime.

What is the SmartSkin Laser?

As a result of the natural aging process and prolonged exposure to the sun, the skin can reflect visible lines, creases, and dark spots. Rather than cover these areas with makeup or hide them beneath clothing, rejuvenate your skin with the SmartSkin laser. This micro-ablative laser has parameters that are completely customizable for your unique skincare needs.


This state-of-the-art system can help correct:
  • Wrinkles
  • Brown spots
  • Skin irregularities
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Dark undereye circles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Aging and damaged skin on the hands, neck, and chest


Your treatment options can be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Saini, and a customized treatment plan will be created for you at our Fayetteville office.
While other skin rejuvenation laser systems utilize a “one size fits all” approach, the SmartSkin laser is completely customizable for patient-specific skin needs. During treatment, a series of tiny laser pulses are emitted into the skin, creating microchannels that stimulate the skin’s natural healing response. This process promotes skin building blocks such as collagen and elastin to remodel treated areas from the inside out, creating smoother, softer, younger-looking skin over time.

Side Effects?

After treatment, many patients feeling a sensation akin to a sunburn as the skin begins the healing and remodeling process. It is important for patients to take proper precautions in the sun during this time in order to protect their vulnerable skin and achieve full results. Most patients return to normal activities once post-treatment redness fades, typically within the first week. Results may vary, and although many patients experience visible results in as little as one session, multiple treatments may be required for full benefits.
Contact Carolina Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Saini and find out how SmartSkin can help you achieve your desired aesthetic with natural skin rejuvenation and minimal downtime.
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