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Don’t let uneven skin tone and dark spots keep you from having confidence in your appearance – at Carolina Plastic Surgery, Dr. Saira Saini offers multiple treatment options to restore healthy, radiant skin, including microdermabrasion for gentle exfoliation and remodeling.

What is Microdermabrasion?

This medical-grade treatment is typically well-tolerated and is performed personally by Dr. Saini for professional results you can trust.
For men and women who want to rejuvenate their complexion without extensive procedures, microdermabrasion can be an appropriate treatment option. Using a minimally abrasive tool, Dr. Saini will gently sand away the thicker, uneven outer layer of skin, revealing fresh, new skin underneath.


In addition to subtly improving the skin surface, this exfoliating treatment can also reduce the appearance of multiple imperfections, including:
  • Age spots
  • Blackheads
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne and Acne scars
  • And more!

The Procedure

The skin has natural processes for sloughing off dead cells and maintaining a healthy surface, but these often slow down over time, allowing surface debris to build up and detract from your healthy, glowing complexion.
Exfoliation is a key technique for restoring enviable skin, and this treatment can gently remove the outermost layer of the skin without any incisions or downtime. It also stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin in the skin for continued corrections over time.


The best way to find out if microdermabrasion is right for you is to schedule a consultation at our Fayetteville office and discuss your treatment options with Dr. Saini.
A wide range of men and women can qualify for this mildly abrasive treatment, but depending on your aesthetic goals and the level of correction needed for your condition, Dr. Saini may recommend alternative therapies and treatments.

Side Effects?

The skin may develop a slightly pink or flushed appearance after this treatment, which is a good indicator that the skin healing process has begun, and should subside within a few days. Most patients return to work and normal activities immediately afterward. As your skin can be more vulnerable after microdermabrasion, it is important to protect it in the sun and maintain a good skin care regimen to ensure the full benefits of your results.
Contact Carolina Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Saini and find out more about microdermabrasion for skin exfoliation and subtle rejuvenation.
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