Breast Augmentation

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breast-surgery-editThe popularity of plastic surgery has steadily risen since its inception, but breast augmentation has remained one of the top body contouring procedures. This customizable procedure allows patients to pick the specifics of surgery, from implant size to incision site. If you are interested in this timeless body sculpting procedure, please feel free to contact our Fayetteville office today and we will gladly help schedule your initial consultation.

About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery refers to the enlargement of breasts with either saline or silicone implants.

During breast augmentation surgery, the type of implants that you choose will be placed in an optimal position within your breast tissue to create the most natural-looking shape. The surgery takes about one to two hours and is performed as an outpatient, meaning patients can return home after they are released from the recovery room. This procedure will add volume to the breasts, but it does not guarantee a change in cleavage, nipple position, or elevation of breasts. These may require adding a breast lift procedure in conjunction.

Breast Augmentation Benefits

  • Increases the size of the breasts for beautifully proportional, sculpted results
  • Improves breast shape with customized, patient-specific options for placement and aesthetic
  • Creates long-lasting, natural-looking results


breast-implant-optionsThe ideal breast augmentation candidates are women desiring larger breasts who are healthy and do not have any serious medical problems. Patients should ideally be done giving birth and breastfeeding because additional pregnancies may alter results. Realistic expectations are important as well as an understanding of what a surgical procedure entails (this will be discussed during the initial consultation.) Dr. Saini will be able to assess your candidacy for breast augmentation after the consultation examination and offer her expert opinion on the implant and insertion specifics.

Breast Augmentation Options

The beauty of breast augmentation, besides the result, is the fact that it is a fully customizable procedure. Patients have the ability to choose their desired implant, incision, and placement. Below are some options women can choose from, but Dr. Saini will help advise each patient during their consultation on what she believes in her expert opinion will work best for each individual frame and physique.



  • Saline: Solid outer silicone shell that is inserted into the breast pocket empty. A salt water solution is then injected to fill the implant to the desired size.
  • Silicone: Quasi-solid gelatinous implant that is inserted into the breast pocket full form. It moreso resembles the feel of a natural breast.


  • Round: Implants that are spherical in shape, producing even volume on the top and bottom pole of the breasts.
  • Natural: Natural or tear-drop shaped implant that resembles an anatomically correct breast; slightly sloping downward with more projection at the bottom pole.


  • Smooth: The surface of the implant is completely smooth. This can only be used for round shaped implant since rotation in the pocket should not distort the appearance.
  • Textured: The surface of the implant is textured, meaning it will be fixed in place once inserted into the breast pocket. Either round or natural shaped implants can be textured.


There is a large range of breast implant sizes which are measured in cubic centimeters, or CCs. Cup measurement (A, B, C, D, DD, etc.) is not an accurate tool since one store’s C can very well be another store’s DDD. The appropriate size will be determined at your consultation after Dr. Saini takes your measurements and provides physical samples of sizes that will meet your aesthetic goal.



Periareolar incisions are made along the areola border. This results in the smallest amount of scarring, and is usually used when a patient is receiving more than one breast surgery.


This incision is created on the natural crease under the breast, allowing for good accuracy of implant placement. Inframammary incision scarring blends well within the natural fold.


The transaxillary incision is concealed in the axilla, or armpit. From there Dr. Saini can insert the saline or silicone implant.


Transumbilical incisions are hidden in the bellybutton. This technique is not performed as often as the aforementioned and only a select few qualify, but it offers the most discreet placement of scarring. Only saline implants can be used for this technique since they are inserted empty and then filled once in place.



An implant placed sub-glandular means a pocket is created for the implant below glandular tissue, on top of the pectoral muscle.


An implant placed sub-muscular means a pocket is created for the implant below the pectoral muscle.

Before & After Photos

Your Consultation

Consultations with Dr. Saira Saini consist of a one-on-one conversation about your concerns and your goals, a physical examination, and an estimation of costs. Medical history and routine medications will also be reviewed to make sure you are healthy enough to undergo a surgical operation. Once Dr. Saini has confirmed you are a suitable candidate for breast augmentation, both you and she together will design a customized surgical plan consisting of the implant specifics, the placement of the implants, and the incision pattern. She will be happy to answer any questions and offer expert advanced on what she believes would be most ideal for your specific case.

Procedure Process

Breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Saini is performed in an accredited hospital with experienced nurses and anesthesiologists. The process takes between one to two hours, but this time frame will vary if a patient is undergoing other breast or body contouring procedures. Patients will be asleep for the duration of the surgery, but during that period the surgical plan drawn up during the initial consultation (implant specifics, incision, placement, etc.) will be expertly executed. Breast augmentation patients will slowly wake in the comfort of the recovery room with attentive, skilled nurses. Once released by Dr. Saini, they will return home with their designated driver to rest and recovery.


The support bra that patients are sent home with must remain on at all times (other than the shower) until Dr. Saini says otherwise. Prescriptions will be written for pain medication to alleviate initial discomfort. Ice packs and sleeping with your head elevated can help minimize discomfort and swelling as well.

The exact recovery time frame is different for everyone since everyone’s body heals at a different rate. However, breast augmentation patients have generally found that taking three to five days to rest is beneficial. During this time off work, please make sure to walk to promote good blood circulation. Normal daily activities can be resumed in about a week, but refrain from more strenuous movement or heavy lifting for at least four weeks. Additional individualized recovery instructions will be given to each patient at the time of their consultation.

Complementing Procedures

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can produce fantastic results when performed on its own. But in some cases, adding a complementing procedure can greatly heighten final results.

A very popular procedure combination is that of the breast lift with a breast augmentation. This is ideal for patients who desire an increase in size but experience sagging breasts. In this case, excess skin is removed to elevate the newly enlarged bust.

Additionally, a mommy makeover can be performed for a full body transformation. This is the term given for a combination of body and breast procedures performed on post-pregnancy women. Breast augmentation, reduction, or lift can be used to contour the breasts after breastfeeding has been completed. A tummy tuck and/or liposuction can also be performed to tighten stretched abdominal muscles and remove loose belly skin.

Breast Augmentation Results

breast-surgery-femalePatients are able to see beautifully augmented results once the breast implants settle in place. This can take between 2-6 months depending on the case. Results of a breast augmentation can be long lasting if patients come in at the 8-10 year mark for a standard removal and replacement procedure.

Breast augmentation will ensure an enlargement in breast size, but it cannot ensure a rise in self-confidence; that must come from within. However, almost every patient has said they’ve experienced a large rise in body image and self-esteem after the surgery.


The cost of breast augmentation surgery at Carolina Plastic Surgery is completely dependent on the specificities of the case because there are no two breast augmentation surgeries alike. Each breast augmentation will be customized to the individual, so price can only be determined after an initial consultation with Dr. Saira Saini. There she will be able to give you a personalized quote.