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A panniculectomy targets the pannus, a fold of fatty tissue and skin that hangs over the thighs and groin in men and women. This area of the body can be difficult to target with diet and exercise, but at Carolina Plastic Surgery, Dr. Saira Saini can correct this common cosmetic condition with safe and effective panniculectomy surgery.

What is a Panniculectomy?

Often referred to as an “apron fold,” the pannus is the lower half of the abdomen. When excess fat and/or skin are present in this area, it can cause the pannus to droop over the groin and thighs, leading to problems with appearance and hygiene. When a healthy diet and lifestyle are not enough to successfully target this cosmetically-unappealing condition, Dr. Saini offers panniculectomy surgery to remove this section of the abdomen.

The Procedure

This procedure is different from an abdominoplasty in that only the lower half of the abdomen is targeted, and typically the underlying tissues and muscles are not manipulated. The incision pattern for your procedure will be discussed with you beforehand, but typically incisions are made from hip bone to hip bone above the pubic area. Your procedure may vary depending on the level of correction required.


This procedure is not for everyone and is not a weight loss solution or a substitute for diet and exercise. The best way to determine if this surgery is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Saini and have your condition, medical history, and treatment expectations assessed. Individuals who have an overly protruding pannus that interferes with normal activities or proper hygiene and who are in general good health with realistic expectations may be considered good candidates.


The recovery process can be different for everyone, and Dr. Saini will let you know during your consultation what you can expect throughout the treatment and healing process and how much time you should reasonably take off from work and normal activities. You will also be provided with all necessary aftercare instructions.
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