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A lot of women don’t realize that cosmetic surgery can alter the appearance of the labia to their ideals. Patients are far more familiar with breast augmentations, liposuction, and tummy tucks.

However, labiaplasty procedures have been successfully performed since the 1970s and are becoming more and more popular. Years of practice and advancements now enable surgeons to offer their patients elegant rejuvenation. Dr. Saira Saini is an expert plastic surgeon with a significant amount of experience. She understands that labiaplasty surgery is a very intimate decision and advises women to undergo the procedure with a doctor who makes them feel comfortable. Dr. Saini works closely with each patient until she figures out the absolute best option for the patient’s body. There are multiple different labiaplasty techniques that can be used to satisfy a woman’s cosmetic goals. If you’re considering having the procedure done, please don’t hesitate to call us at (910) 323-1234 to schedule a consultation.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure intended to alter the appearance of a woman’s labia majora and minora, or vulva. When the labia are enlarged, the condition is referred to as labial hypertrophy. There are multiple techniques that the doctor can use to ease a sufferer’s discomfort. Labial hypertrophy can be treated by three different methods: trim resection, wedge resection, and clitoral hood reduction. Sometimes the methods are combined for greater effect. Dr. Saini will work closely with you to determine which method fits your body. Each technique involves excising tissue from the labia and reshaping the area to be more proportional and visually pleasing.
Labiaplasty is an elective procedure.
Labial hypertrophy is a common condition that can interfere with a individual’s self-confidence and quality of life. It’s perfectly normal for a woman’s vulva to be asymmetrical. Some women with enlarged labia feel that it doesn’t negatively affect their lives. However, many women feel differently. Those who suffer from adverse consequences because of their labial hypertrophy are perfect candidates for the surgery. Their lives can benefit massively if they have the procedure performed.

Labial Hypertrophy Side Effects

Some women who suffer from enlarged labia majora or minora experience painful and embarrassing side-effects.
Unwieldy labia can be difficult to clean properly, causing the sufferer to contract a host of serious infections. Friction as the labia rubs against tight clothing can cause discomfort. Some women even experience pain when riding a bicycle or during intercourse. A patient may also be embarrassed about the appearance of her labia. If she is, it will affect her ability to be comfortable during intimate bedroom encounters. Labial hypertrophy and its effects are highly variable. Some women experience multiple side effects while others experience none. Every vulva is unique; no two labiaplasty procedures will be exactly the same. Most of the women have the procedure performed suffer from enlarged labia minora. The labia minora are more sensitive than the labia majora.

A private consultation with Dr. Saini will help you figure out which procedure would be the best for your body.

Labiaplasty Benefits

Patients receive a labiaplasty will notice:
  • Improved confidence in all clothing
  • Increased comfort working out and performing daily tasks
  • A more balanced appearance of their labia and/or clitoral hood
  • A better quality of sex life

Good Labiaplasty Candidates

A strong labiaplasty candidate is a nonsmoker who’s experiencing negative side effects because of her labial hypertrophy. Those side effects can include:
  • Discomfort or irritation
  • Hygiene issues
  • Embarrassment
There are a vast array of reasons why a woman might choose to undergo labiaplasty. She may have enlarged labia due to childbirth or genetics, or she might have suffered physical trauma. Whatever your reason for considering labiaplasty, Dr. Saini will help you formulate a safe and effective surgical plan. We recommend that patients wait until they’re out of puberty before having the procedure performed.

Labiaplasty Techniques

There are three main labiaplasty methods that Dr. Saini employs. Depending on the patient’s condition, the doctor may use one or all three of the methods. You will know exactly she what plans to do before your surgery date.

Trim Resection

Dr. Saini may choose this method if the patient’s labia minora is only slightly larger than her labia majora. Excess skin is snipped away from the labia and the edges are sewn tightly together, creating a more proportional vulva. Women with dark labial edges can benefit from the procedure because it gives them pinker labia minora. A disadvantage of the technique is that the surgeon might craft overly uniform labia minora. Vulvas are naturally asymmetrical.

Wedge Resection

Wedge resections might be the most common technique of the three. Dr. Saini will expertly remove a wedge-shaped piece of tissue from the central, posterior, or anterior part of the labia. Where the tissue comes from depends on the patient and her body type. The labia edges are untouched and get to keep their natural appearance.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Clitoral hood reductions are often performed alongside the trim or wedge technique. Most women who undergo labiaplasty want to enhance the proportions of their vulva. If a patient asks for a clitoral hood reduction, some of the tissue around her clitoris will be removed. Dr. Saini will make sure that overall appearance of the vulva is harmonious.

Preparing for Surgery

We ask that our labiaplasty patients follow basic guidelines to ensure the success of their surgeries. Please stop smoking at least three weeks before your surgery date. You also need to stop taking blood-thinning medication like aspirin and ibuprofen about two weeks before surgery. Two to four days before you see Dr. Saini you will need to shave your pubic area. Make sure that you prepare your home for your recovery. You’ll need to have someone give you a ride home after the procedure is over and you’ll need to ensure that you have your medications on hand. Your mobility may be affected while you recover.


Labiaplasty surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. You and Dr. Saini will decide which option works for you during your consultation. Once you arrive the morning of your surgery, our highly-trained staff will mark the incision points on your body to help guide Dr. Saini.
The entire procedure shouldn’t take more than two hours from start to finish.
Once the anesthesia has been administered, Dr. Sinai will cut into the predetermined incision points and excise the undesired tissue. Next, she’ll suture the skin closed and apply a bandage. When you recover from the anesthesia you can go home, although you won’t be able to drive yourself.


Immediately after the procedure, you will experience some swelling in the area. You may also experience pain or bruising. These conditions will lessen as you heal. Dr. Saini will prescribe medications to help relieve your discomfort. You should be able to see your final, beautiful results in about one to two months.

It’s important that you keep your pubic area very clean and dry for the first few weeks after your surgery.

Tight clothes and strenuous activities should be avoided during this time. You should refrain from engaging in sexual activities for the first month. Light walking exercise is permitted after a few days. Your recovery will depend on your lifestyle and body type. Dr. Saini will customize your recovery plan to suit your needs. She’ll tell you exactly when you’ll be able to return to your normal life. You’ll continue to see her after your surgery so she can make sure that the healing process is going well.


Before your surgery can be scheduled, you need to have a private consultation with Dr. Saini. This will be your chance to tell her exactly what you want to achieve with your labiaplasty procedure. You and the doctor will discuss what you want your vulva to look like and the best method for attaining your desire. She’ll go over your medical history and perform a physical examination to see if you’re a strong candidate for labiaplasty. If you are, she’ll go over your options with you. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the process. Ask questions until you are. We want you to understand what’s happening. Once she knows what you want, Dr. Saini will create a personalized surgery plan for you. You’ll know exactly what technique she’s going to use and what kind of recovery time you can expect. If you have any questions or concerns, Dr. Saini would love to address them. Labiaplasty is an elective procedure that potential candidates should take seriously. As with all surgeries, there are risks. Bleeding and scarring can both occur. Dr. Saini will discuss the risks with you before she agrees to perform the surgery.


The best path for your plastic surgery journey can only be determined by you. At Carolina Plastic Surgery of Fayetteville, we understand that every patient is different. The wonderful and varied things that make you who you are will be respected. Labiaplasty is tailored to suit your body, meaning that the total cost can’t be determined until Dr. Saini looks at your individual case. Your costs depend on a host of different factors. Schedule a consultation at our Fayetteville office and we would be happy to provide you with a detailed price quote.
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