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The Plastic Surgeons Facial

Beautiful skin is not an accident.  At Carolina Plastic Surgery of Fayetteville, Dr Saini and her team help you optimize your skin revitalization.  We are introducing our new New Skin Facial that incorporates Aqua Peeling, BOHR Effect, Ultrasound, Heat and Cool, Customized Treatment Solutions to enhance and revitalize your skin.  The treatment solutions are designed to address top skincare needs: exfoliating, oil control and moisturization.  We customize our treatment solutions to address the needs of your skin during our expert skin evaluation.

Address this problem:

Wrinkles: Deep hydration and moisture prevent aging.  Reduce fine line and wrinkles with regular scheduled facials.

Elasticity: BOHR EFFECT helps increase blood flow and oxygen to the skin to allow for quick healing and increased skin elasticity.

Glow: Ultrasonic handle helps hydrate, moisturize and increase effects of nurturing skin serums. Ultrasound energy allows the treatment serum to penetrate below the dermis to improve collagen and elastin.  Ultrasound cavitation allows topical products to absorb and enhance passive diffusion effects.  Phonophoresis maximizes the use of topical medications.

Hydration: Rehydrate the skin with intense moisturizes designed to healed damaged dry skin.  Help ease the effects of the environment and heal the effects of the weather on your skin.  Well hydrated skin is younger looking skin.

Texture:  Smooth the appearance of your skin with renewal of whole skin architecture and smaller pores and brighter complexion.

Deep Cleaning: Exfoliate your skin with a deep cleaning to improve black heads and improve tone of your skin with multiple nutrient-rich serums.

Skin Massage: Heated and cooled massage of skin.  Improved blood circulation, thermal modulation of skin pores to lock in moisture.

Painless skin treatment: The nano-microwave technology allows skin treatment with enhanced absorption of nutrients and allows attainment of improved skin with no pain.

Look Good. Feel Good.

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