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Spring is finally here!

Staying in shape is important. Thankfully, it is a little easier to be active in the Spring headed into Summer time. With longer days headed our way with Daylight savings, it’s possible for us to go outside and spend time in the fresh air after a long work day. Hydration and listening to your body is key in this situation. As always please check with your doctor before starting an aggressive exercise program.

Cycling, walking, hiking are all fun activities that can increase your calorie burn and keep you looking your best. Check the weather and plan your activity accordingly. If the weather does not permit you to be outside then consider indoor exercises either at a gym or you can check out amazing Youtube videos that will make you laugh as you exercise.

Remember this is time well spent in caring for your self. Your body will thank you and you will feel much better about yourself. A win-win situation!!

Regular activity and a balanced diet will keep you looking fit and healthy while getting your Summer body ready!

If all your best efforts still cause you not to attain the body you want, then please consider giving us a call.
We have many options that can help you lose those unwanted inches.

Through a one-on-one consultation with me, we can review your concerns and work towards achieving your goals. Some of our slimming treatments, like Coolsculpting, do not require any surgery or any downtime.

I am a veteran, a mom, and have a genetic predisposition for holding on to fat. I have struggled myself and would love to lend you a hand in your challenge.

Have a great day!

Saira Saini MD

Look Good. Feel Good.

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