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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Vs. Non-Plastic Surgeon

“To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.”
– Abraham Maslow

We are living in an era where cosmetic enhancement is becoming more and more common, one could even say the norm. Cosmetic treatments allow both men and women to customize their body’s appearance to their desired look. However, obtaining these results no longer requires lengthy invasive procedures. The fountain of youth now flows from handheld applicators and syringes, too! More patients are now turning to non-invasive options to obtain their desired results.

Medical Spa treatments can address a wide range of aesthetic concerns and provide natural-looking enhancements to the face and body. We understand that a natural look is ultimately the goal when deciding on the best treatment plan. However, there are certain situations in which non-surgical MedSpa treatments cannot achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Having a board-certified plastic surgeon at our facility allows us to tailor treatment plans that include non-surgical and surgical procedures to achieve patient’s aesthetic goals and provide long-lasting results.

Let’s get this straight: What is the difference between an aesthetician versus a plastic surgeon?

The answer to this may seem obvious but it is often overlooked when considering where to go for cosmetic treatments. The clear distinction between a plastic surgeon’s office and a Medical Spa is that one is the main practice of a board-certified surgeon and the other is not. The distinction between the two makes a huge difference!

Plastic surgeons have a standard to uphold, being that they have completed years of medical training, attended a school of medicine, as well as completed a residency to further build knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy.

In comparison, Medical Spas are commonly owned by physicians but treatments are performed by aestheticians. It should be noted that there is a significant gap in care between being treated by a physician versus an aesthetician. Although aestheticians are highly trained and licensed to perform cosmetic procedures and various applications, the requirements to obtain this licensing are quite lenient and vary by state. This issue gives patients little to no guarantee that they are receiving the best care.

Additionally, you shouldn’t base your treatment on cost. Many Medical Spas offer discount pricing to gain new clientele. Although this may be tempting, we ask patients to use extreme caution when deciding where to go to receive their treatment. We understand that it can be enticing to save money; however, you may be sacrificing safety and your desired outcomes as a result. Ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for”? Highly skilled surgeons do not need to slash their prices to get patients through the door. They believe in using their work to prove success and patient satisfaction.

Dr. Saini has worked hard to build a practice that breaks the common mold of a Medical Spa and a plastic surgery office by offering a 2 in 1 facility consisting of both. Combining these two practices into one practice allows patients to have access to both surgical and non-surgical treatments and procedures with the knowledge of a board-certified doctor to ensure the safest and most beneficial treatment.

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