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Drooping Breasts? Consider a Breast Lift

You can’t stop the years from marching forward. As you get older, they seem to fly by even faster. You’ll start to notice inevitable changes in your body, from those gray hairs that start creeping in to wrinkles that line your face. Drooping breasts might be one problem that you never expected. If you feel like your bust is headed for your belly button, you are not alone. You’re dealing with a common issue that frustrates many women. You can attempt to deal with the problem with supportive bras, but that won’t get to the root of your troubles. Your breasts need a boost in the upward direction. A breast lift could be the solution.

Why Choose a Breast Lift?

There is nothing that you can do to get perkier breasts once they have started to hang down. Gravity, a lack of elasticity in your skin that comes with aging and the trials of pregnancy can combine to take a toll on your breasts. Fluctuations in weight may cause your breasts to sag as well. You can’t fight the problem with diet and exercise. Even if the size of your breasts gets smaller, they will still droop down toward your waistline. To combat the problem, seek the assistance of our talented plastic surgeon, who knows how to bring your breasts back up to a more youthful position.

What Happens During a Breast Lift Procedure?

The first step in a breast lift is to ensure your comfort. After this has been done, our plastic surgeon can go in and sculpt your breast tissue. At the same time, excess skin can be removed and the remaining skin can be pulled in order to have a tightening effect. Your nipples will be given a lift as well so that they are placed where they should be. In the end, your breasts will make a comeback to how they looked in your younger years before life started dragging them down.

Discuss a Breast Lift with Our Plastic Surgeon

Let Dr. Saini at Carolina Plastic Surgery help you in making your decision about a breast lift. During a consultation at her office in Fayetteville, you can ask questions and learn more about how this procedure will affect you. You can have perkier breasts once again if you place yourself in the expert hands of our experienced plastic surgeon. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about a breast lift.

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