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Correct Misshapen Ears with Otoplasty

When a person has misshapen ears, they usually do not like their appearance. Very few people would feel happy saying that their misshapen ears define who they are and they love this about their appearance. Most individuals would say that they dislike their misshapen ears and feel embarrassed when other people notice them. They will go out of their way to cover their ears with their hair or with hats. They may even miss out on opportunities in life because of their misshapen ears.

If you have misshapen ears and they are causing you to miss opportunities in life and make you feel bad about the way you look, you may be able to correct them with otoplasty. This is a cosmetic surgery that is used to help individuals with misshapen ears to feel satisfied with the way their ears look after surgery. Our surgeon can use a variety of techniques to help you get ears that you will love. At times, small corrections will need to be made. At other times, a lot of work may be done in order to reshape your ears and have them formed in a more attractive way.

The very first thing that individuals need to know about otoplasty is that it is a cosmetic surgery. It is in no way used to help individuals who have a hard time hearing or a problem with their hearing. It is a surgery that is only designed to be used on the outer part of the year. Many different techniques can be used to remove tissue and cartilage or to add tissue to the ear in order to make it larger or to have it formed in a different way. Some individuals only need otoplasty on one ear, while other individuals may need the procedure performed on both ears to get the best results.

Otoplasty can be performed on adults as well as children. Many adults feel unsatisfied with the way their ears look and finally want to take steps to correct the problem. Many parents are concerned about their child’s misshapen ears and want to have the surgery performed on them while they are young. They do not want them to have low self-esteem because of this aspect of their appearance, and they want to protect them from teasing and bullying they may experience when they are in school.

To get the most realistic idea of what will happen during surgery and what the outcome will be, schedule a consultation at Carolina Plastic Surgery in Fayetteville. Dr. Saini and her team are going to look at your misshapen ears and tell you about the different options that are available using otoplasty. It is our goal to help you feel great about your appearance and have a new sense of self-confidence.

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