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CoolSculpting – The Non-Surgical Solution to Unwanted Fat

Are you looking for that magic cure to get rid of that unwanted fat without starving yourself or sticking to a monk-like diet where it is impossible to enjoy your life?

Are you looking for that magic cure to get rid of that unwanted fat without clocking hours and hours on the cardio machine to burn fat?

Have you worked very hard to achieve the results you have but now have this one area that just refuses to budge?

Are you an active duty member of the US military and have to maintain standards that create unnecessary stress for you?  Thank-you for your service and let us carry some of this burden for you.

Well the team at Carolina Plastic Surgery of Fayetteville, PC has an answer to your needs.  CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared technology to get rid of unwanted fat with a one-hour long treatment to eliminate this unwanted fat.  The treatment is done without scars, without anesthesia, and without any downtime.  You come in for the treatment, and you are placed on the CoolSculpting machine and have the treatment while watching TV, working on your computer or talking to your friends on the phone or via Facebook.

The technology works by freezing the fat cells.  These frozen fat cells are then metabolized and eliminated by the body naturally over the next few weeks.  This leads to a loss of inches of unwanted fat in your most troublesome areas.

The treatment does not affect the other cells in your body because CoolSculpting uses the Cryolypolysis technology to selectively freeze the fat cells at a temperature that is effective to kill the fat cells but not harm the normal cells of your skin, muscles, bones.

There is no size, weight or age limitation but this treatment will not be offered to pregnant women or children.  The treatment plan is customized for the person depending on their goals and their current body size.  Before the treatment, you will have a consultation with Dr. Saira Saini to determine a customized treatment plan for you.

The best part of the CoolSculpting treatment is that after the treatment, you get to enjoy the rest of your day without any down time.  Moms drop their children at school and come in for their treatment then return to their lives later that day.  Some people take a long lunch and do the CoolSculpting treatment and then return to work.

Carolina Plastic Surgery of Fayetteville, PC can bring this state of the art technology to you here in Fayetteville, NC.   We eliminate this fat to achieve results similar to liposuction without any downtime and at a lower cost.  There is no downtime from your job or your life, and this is a significant saving in itself.

Remember this treatment can be our little secret.  No one has to know why you look so hot in your bathing suit this summer.  You can go right back to your life, and no one has to be wiser!

Look Good. Feel Good.

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