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How Can Labiaplasty Surgery Benefit Me?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size of the labia minora, the labia majora or both. This procedure has been offered for several decades, but is still largely misunderstood by the media. When done properly, labiaplasty surgery does not interfere with sexual sensation and may in fact increase it. It removes extra tissue on the vulva and typically doesn’t interfere with the clitoris, vagina or lubrication. If you are unhappy with your labia and are considering surgical correction, labiaplasty offers up plenty of practical and aesthetic benefits.

Less Discomfort During Everyday Activities

Some women have labia that are so long, they chafe against underwear during activities like running or walking. Others experience pain from pressure being placed on large labia while horseback riding or cycling. Those who wear harnesses for rock climbing or skydiving may complain that their labia are pinched or pulled when the harness is engaged. Labiaplasty surgery can solve these issues, leaving you to enjoy your activities without any pain or embarrassing adjustments needing to be made.

Excision of Bartholin Cysts

Some women develop cysts at the edges of their labia. These pockets fill with fluid and can make wearing pants or underwear impossible, as even the touch of fabric is too painful. Even sitting in a chair can be torture. These cysts can also rupture, leaving the woman open to infection. For women with a history of Bartholin cysts, a labiaplasty procedure can remove the affected tissue and ensure the condition will not reoccur.

Less Discomfort During Sex

Some women experience discomfort during sex due to their long labia. In some cases, the labia are pushed up into the vaginal opening during insertion. In others, the friction chafes the labia no matter how much lubricant is used. If you’ve ever wished for shorter, smaller labia, this procedure was developed to help you.

Aesthetic Considerations

If a woman feels negatively about how her vulva looks or just doesn’t like the visible ridge they make in tight pants or swimsuits, it’s up to her to decide if she wants to change that aspect of her body. Just as a breast augmentation can increase self-confidence and self-acceptance, so can a labiaplasty procedure for a woman who wants one.

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Labiaplasty surgery has many practical and cosmetic benefits to offer. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your labia or you are experiencing discomfort, visit Carolina Plastic Surgery. Dr. Saini and her team would be happy to assess your case and advise you of all your options. Our office is located in Fayetteville. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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