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Breast Surgery: What are My Options?

Considering Breast Surgery?

  1. Want to have larger breast?
  2. Want to improve the shape of your breast?
  3. Has gravity taken a toll on the appearance of your breast?
  4. Want to have a breast lift/mastopexy?
  5. Considering breast reduction surgery to help relieve back/shoulder/neck pain?
  6. Want to have better symmetry and shape of the breast?
  7. Want to have the breast you had before pregnancy or want to have the fullness and improved shape of the breast you had during and shortly after pregnancy?

Please read the options available to you and then make the right decision for you.  Have a thorough discussion with Dr. Saira Saini of Carolina Plastic Surgery of Fayetteville, PC and discuss all your options.

Breast Surgery is a very personal decision and it requires a great deal of thought and understanding of the anatomy of the breast.  Placing breast implants sounds very simple but in reality many complex tissue characteristics and implant characteristics need to be evaluated to get the ideal shape and size of breast you desire.  Understanding how all the factors and various tissue specific characteristics can affect the final result is important.  It is equally important to understand the patient’s vision and see how it can be achieved.


Breast Augmentation / Increasing the size of your breast

Did you love the look of your breast during pregnancy or while nursing?  Do your breasts look deflated or flabby?  Or do you feel you do not have the breast volume to make you look proportional?  Do you like the look of larger breasts?

Did you know that there is a significant positive impact after breast augmentation on a woman’s happiness with the appearance of her breast, her psychological well-being (her self-esteem) and her sexual well-being?  Dr. Saira Saini is thrilled to be able to offer this to her patients at Carolina Plastic Surgery of Fayetteville, PC.

Important points to consider are:

  • Silicone vs. Saline implants
  • Location of the breast implants – under the muscle (subpectoral) or the gland (sub-glandular/sub-mammary)
  • Size of the implants
  • Location of the scar (under the breast at the infra-mammary fold, around the areola, axilla).
  • Tissue factors: your current breast size, the ptosis (sagginess) of your breast, the amount of fat that surrounds your breast, your athletic interests (Are you a body builder?)

Dr. Saira Saini of Carolina Plastic Surgery of Fayetteville, PC believes in using scientific methods to determine the size of implants that would be best for you.  The implants size range is based on criteria established by plastic surgeons that use your tissue characteristics to determine the sizes of implants that would work best for you.  These criteria are discussed with you along with your wishes and your description of what you wish to accomplish with your breast augmentation surgery.

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Mastopexy / Breast Lift surgery

Sometimes the answer may be rearranging your tissues to give you the shape and volume of breast you desire.  If you had a breast shape that was pleasing to you and now you want to have the same appearance again.  Or if you have enough breast tissue that you are happy with the size of the breast but feel that they are too “saggy” or “uneven” then mastopexy or breast lift may be the right answer for you.

Especially after pregnancy, the changes that the female body goes through with weight changes and hormonal changes of the breast.  These problems can be compounded with breastfeeding.  The loss of elasticity of the supportive ligaments of the breast (Coopers ligaments) can play havoc with the shape of the breast.  Rearranging the breast tissue, to place it back in the proper location on the chest wall can give a significant aesthetic improvement to the appearance of the breast.  Reducing the areolar and replacing it in the center of the breast mound can give a significant youthful lift to the breast.  Reducing the size of the nipple can make a significant improvement in the appearance of the breast.

Consider the final shape and size you desire.  Discuss the location of the scars and discuss your tissue characteristics to determine the best outcome for you.  Understanding the scar pattern and the expected healing for you is critical.  A good explanation of your anatomy and why that particular technique is being used is important to discuss.  We can help you make all these decisions and come to a customized decision for you.  We can help you see the congenital/developmental anatomy of your breast/chest wall and then evaluate the changes that have occurred.  We can discuss the best options to correct asymmetries and return the youthfully uplifted appearance of your breasts.  Small corrections can make a significant improvement, and we can discuss all available options with you.

Breast Reduction and Breast lift

Sometimes you may want to reduce the size of your breasts and lift them to their natural position on your chest wall.  The right volume of breast tissue for your frame is important to consider.  The back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and skin irritation can be relieved by reducing the breast.  Breast reduction with Dr. Saira Saini is always accompanied with a breast lift and placing the breast in its proper location on the chest wall.  Did we mention the improvement in self-esteem that accompanies these improvements in a womans shape?  You will be shopping for a whole new wardrobe because you will finally be wearing clothes that actually fit rather than clothes that camouflage your breasts.  Some patients will have insurance coverage for their breast reduction surgery.

Dr. Saira Saini of Carolina Plastic Surgery of Fayetteville, PC can help you navigate through the requirements and define the criteria that would qualify you for these treatments. If insurance coverage is not available, then we can discuss alternatives to accomplish this goal for you.  It is important to understand the amount of breast reduction to be undertaken and to understand the scar pattern.  We can discuss this at length with you at your consultation with Dr. Saira Saini at Carolina Plastic Surgery of Fayetteville, PC. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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